Three Ways to Use Technology to Help Your Business Grow

While today’s companies face more competitive pressure than ever before, technology is also helping to level the playing ground between small and large businesses. Many of these technologies allow companies to perform more efficiently and serve customers better. There are so many possibilities available it can be hard to determine which would be most helpful for a company. Here are three different technoogies that can benefit a business and help it to grow:

1.Server Colocation

As technology becomes more and more important to the success of a business, the pressure to make sure it continues to work at all times is even more intense. Colocation can help in this area because it stores a company’s computer servers at a location away from the business office that has been specially built for this purpose. Providing for all the contingencies below would be cost-prohibitive for most businesses:

*Dependability – These data centers are built with performance redundancies to prevent connectivity from being lost during power outages, disasters or human error.

*Environmental controls – Servers can generate a great deal of heat and the data centers are built to keep them cool.

*Security – Because the servers are kept off-site at an undisclosed location, they are safer from theft and vandalism than if they were stored inside the business building.

2.Project Management Software

This software allows individuals or team members to better track every aspect of multiple projects in order to keep them moving forward and on budget.

*On time – Calendars and timelines for individuals as well as the team can be created and shared with everyone on the project.

*Tasks – Managers and team leaders can easily prioritize tasks and instantly inform workers of any changes. Others on the team can also be allowed access to the list of tasks to see how the rest of the team is progressing on their assignments.

*Budget – All budgeting information is kept in a centralized location for easy viewing.

3.Virtual Numbers

With many workers traveling a great deal for their companies, a virtual number could make sense. A virtual number is a telephone number that is not actually tied into a telephone line. When a call comes into the business, it is automatically routed to a preset number, such as a mobile phone. Calls can also be routed to different phones depending on the time of day.

*International – Calls can be made inexpensively from overseas and forwarded to the business number.

*Efficient – There’s no need to make the choice between manning the phones 24 hours a day or risk missing a call.

*Focus – Workers can stay focused on their current tasks while still being able to screen and manage business calls.

There are all sorts of technologies available to help businesses grow and compete in the world today. Many of them allow workers to complete their tasks more quickly and efficiently, which helps keep projects on budget. The systems listed above can help employees manage information and stay in contact from any location. A business not using some of today’s top technology is at a definite competitive disadvantage.

This is a guest post from Sandra Hopkins, writer for a site that compares project management tools and helps business owners choose the best solution for their company’s needs.

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