Different Rates for EU Callers

There are now per min rates specific to callers in the EU who call a local Europe FlyNumber and where the FlyNumber calls are being sent to a regular EU phone number. In many cases they are cheaper , the rates can be found here 

PSTN rates

Select country:
Country Network Prefix Cost per minute
Zambia Cell Z Mobile 26095 0.1560 USD
Landline 260 0.0840 USD
Zimbabwe Mobile 263953 0.4320 USD
Mobile Econet 26391 0.4320 USD
Mobile Econet 26377 0.4320 USD
Mobile 26373 0.5400 USD
Mobile 26371 0.3000 USD
Mobile 26323 0.3000 USD
Mobile 26311 0.3000 USD
Landline 263 0.1080 USD