Face Recognition sorting at 36 Millions Faces Per Second

Scary stuff right there. According to this article just posted on POPSCI ,there is a company out there already making this a reality.

Before you know it Facebook and Google + will have this technology- I’ll let your imagination do the rest. This is just another “tagging” system for humans. I don’t want surveillance cameras scanning my face , keeping profiles on me for future advertising and what not.

Making Outgoing Calls with Your FlyNumber

I get a lot of people who ask if they can make outgoing calls with their FlyNumber, technically you’d need to connect to some sort of SIP/VOIP provider to handle outgoing calls from your SIP client or VOIP phone. If you have Skype then you’d just use Skype to make the outgoing calls.

But what if you just want to call your Uncle in Brazil and not just receive calls from him. You can.

Here’s how…

So lets say you have a Brazil virtual phone number ( Forwarded to your US Cell number) so your family and friends can call you from Brazil. What you’d do is buy them a U.S. number and have it forward to their local landline or Cell phone in Brazil.

So now you have a Brazil number for your Uncle to call you anytime and a US virtual number you can call that will connect directly to him in Brazil. All this without Calling cards, PINs, “access numbers”, VOIP phones, SIP phones, Samrt phone apps etc.

Just dial your respective FlyNumber from any phone and it works.

There literary isn’t a simpler way to keep in touch.