How to forward your local phone number to Skype using our PBX

Sorry but Skype forwarding  is no longer supported.

If you’re not tied to them we highly suggest SIP forwarding


Since the update many have asked about setting up Skype forwarding. So here’s a quick “How to” using our PBX (Virtual Phone System) – its included with every FlyNumber purchase and I suggest every user route their forwarding using this method. All our forwarding options can be configured using the PBX

Exsisting Users: If you already have a FlyNumber change your forwarding to “PBX”….

New Users: When you sign up , choose the last option “Virtual Phone System /PBX”

You then want to open your PBX Panel and configure your settings using our very cool “drag n ‘drop, connect the pipes” type grid .You must have Adobe Flash, we’ve had success with the Puffin browser on the iOS devices.

Drag the “Phone Number” and “Person” Modules on to the grid from the menu on the left side

Click the gear on the “Person” module to configure.


Enter your name and other info.  choose Skype , and it will ask for the Skype username. This is just your skype username, not Skype number

Click the Phone Number Module to select which Flynumber

Connect the 2 modules along with a voice mail (optional)



Please make sure to follow these important points when using Skype

-Use the standard Skype PC application when available , we’ve had some success with iOS

-Skype voicemail must be off

-Skype forwarding must be off

-Privacy settings must be set to “accept all calls” or” allow anonymous” calls.

-Search the Skype directory for virtual__number  ( 2 underscores) and add to your contacts

-You can only run one instance of Skype on one device at a time

We suggest SIP forwarding over Skype if you’re looking for serious features and reliability , we can supply SIP credentials.

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